The window business is good. So good that if you make your own insulating glass for residential windows, you’re probably feeling pressure to add cutting or IG lines to meet demand.

But what if you can:

  • Get more production out of your existing equipment and labor?
  • At the same time, also without adding new lines, lower labor, materials and fixed costs per unit?

Before you act, you should know the answer to both questions is: Yes, you can.

How to Increase Throughput with Your Current Lines

Start with Your Cutters

Most IG fabricators are sitting on significant unused cutting capacity because of unwanted downtime during glass type changes. This kills as much as 50 percent of your capacity.

Supplying your CNC cutter with glass without delay eliminates this issue. And you can do it hour after hour, shift after shift, while simultaneously reducing loading labor, with our unique automated glass inventory management and loading systems. No more waiting for glass even if you have dozens of SKUs.

Throughout Your Plant

IAS Rack Assist for Insulating Glass Units and Monolithic glass

Tempering. Fabricating. Insulating. All suffer production gaps from manual loading and unloading. To add insult to injury, scratches and other glass damage during manual handling can drive your rejects up by 2 percent! Our plant-wide loading and unloading systems fix both problems.

With both sets of solutions, increased safety comes along for free!

What to Know

Improve glass storage and handling and IG unit handling and:

  • You’ll get more capacity out of your current lines.
  • Your glass cutting yields will significantly improve.
  • You won’t need even a square inch of additional floor space in most cases (one well-known customer now loads raw glass directly into the IAS cutter glass storage and loading system).
  • You’ll also reduce labor costs and reject rates and improve safety.IAS raw glass and IG unit handling systems are available in a wide range of configurations.

How Much Can You Improve Throughput?

Based on our experience with fabricators of all sizes and our own IG fabrication experience, we can estimate your capacity, reject and labor benefits. If new lines are what works best for you, we’ll tell you. And if manual loading is strangling your capacity, we’ll say that too.

Let Us Show You How We Can Help. Just Contact Ryan McHugh.

Just contact Ryan McHugh for a no-obligation discussion about how loading systems can increase your capacity. Likewise, if you have questions about any of our 22 glass fabrication automation solutions, contact us at any time.