DWM 2012 Green Product Award

OptiGas and Vista Windows share a 2012 Green Product Award from Door and Window Manufacturer. Read more.


With OptiGas II, you can precisely hit thermal performance targets including Energy Star standards, scientifically verify actual thermal conductivity, slash IG costs and fill with argon at the speed of the fastest fabrication lines.

What do you get with OptiGas II?

Patented OptiGas was the first fully engineered, automated and integrated smart fill system for insulating glass. Advanced Optigas II provides:

  • Precise and tunable gas mix ratios and thermal performance to meet Energy Star target at a cost far less than previously possible, unit by unit.
  • Argon filling at the speed of the fastest fabrication lines, with verification.
  • Consistent and verified thermal performance with integrated ThermalCHECK™ by OptiGas.
  • Virtual elimination of krypton waste.
  • No production restrictions. With OptiGas II, you determine which and how much gas goes in each unit.
  • Flexibility. Achieve the highest performing U values, Engineer double pane R-5 at the lowest cost. Create “Good Better Best” product lines without changing spacers or glass coating

You can achieve the highest performing U-values or double pane R-5 at the lowest cost. Or you can create “Good, Better, Best” product lines. And you can sell knowing that the thermal performance you promise is the thermal performance you deliver.

OptiGas II benefits

2011 Crystal Achievement Award

OptiGas received the Crystal Achievement Award from Window and Door Magazine in 2011 for the most innovative IG production machine.

  • OptiGas II is tunable. Achieve practically any target U-value. Fill each unit with a different gas mix in flow.
  • OptiGas II essentially eliminates krypton loss with its proprietary filling process. Use half the krypton and reduce cylinder inventory by half.
  • No undetected leaks. OptiGas II monitors cylinders and sounds an alarm if there is a leak.
  • OptiGas II is accurate. Krypton and argon are measured at input, not estimated from outflow.
  • OptiGas II is flexible. Fill argon and krypton through the same nozzle to achieve any krypton to argon ratio from 0/100 to 100/0. You no longer have to premix.
  • OptiGas II is efficient. Automate thermal performance. Eliminate operator guessing with bar coding. Lower the cost of achieving targeted thermal performance.
  • OptiGas II is consistent. Fill after fill.

OptiGas II verifies thermal performance

Integrated ThermalCHECK by OptiGas provides continuous statistical process control verification in real-time for your filling process and the thermal performance of your IG. World-class manufacturers have used SPC for decades. ThermalCHECK makes SPC for gas filling easy. It even auto-adjusts for drift.

With conventional gas filling, you take it on faith the thermal performance you promise your customers. With ThermalCHECK, you verify it. Gas fill information for each unit is displayed on screen and stored permanently for your records and trend analysis.

You get consistent, verified and saleable quality—while reducing your cost per unit.

Optional inventory control module

With OptiGas II’s inventory control module, you get reports on gas usage and yields. You can support automatic vendor managed inventory and also determine if any gas has been lost from a leaking regulator or other causes.

Standalone or integrated

You can run your OptiGas II station or stations standalone or integrated. OptiGas II’s fill control software functions as a module of the FeneVision ERP system or can be integrated with nearly any ERP or production software.

Move from bad art to scientific gas filling. The time is now.

To meet increasing standards and customer expectations, expect more IG to be specified with krypton. For conventional gas filling systems, which are more art than science, this is a challenge. For OptiGas II, it’s a breeze.