OptiCool IG Cooling Conveyor

Gas filling insulating glass units that are still hot is a major quality concern. Waiting for newly fabricated units to cool slows production, increases handling and creates bottlenecks.

What if, instead of waiting half an hour after units exit the oven, you could fill them as they come off the line, even before you rack them?

You can, with the OptiCool Cooling Conveyor from OptiGas. OptiCool:

  • Integrated_5outlinedEliminates collapsed insulating glass from filling units that are too hot
  • Eliminates IG cart gridlock at the end of your line
  • Eliminates waiting for units to cool
  • Eliminates bottlenecks that reduce the throughput of your entire IG process

Cool control

With OptiCool, you have consistent control over unit temperature. Your units can all be the same temperature, even cooler than your plant. Production is streamlined, quality improves and rejects go down.

OptiCool specifications

Overall Dimensions:

  • Single Stage: 8’W x 10’ 6”L x 6’H
  • Dual Stage: 8’W x 20’L x 6’H

Power Requirements:

  • 480 VAC 3 Phase
  • Amperage depends on configuration 30 – 100amps

Configuration depending on customer requirements and options:

  • Integrated heat exchanger
  • Chiller
  • Single or dual stage
  • Caster table
  • Vertical option coming soon