IAS V-Coil Rack

Customers told us they were tired of coil damage. They wanted to change full or partial coils quickly and safely. Guided by their input, we engineered the IAS V-Coil Rack to solve these coil storage and handling issues.

The IAS V-Coil Rack:

  • Stores new or partially used aluminum, tin plate and stainless steel coils for Intercept®, InterGrid® and screen frame processes.
  • Stores all typical coil widths and diameters in our innovative slot system with coil weights up to 300 pounds each.
  • Enables you to easily place and remove coils from a loaded rack with space between coils to place straps or our hook system.
  • Our hook supports the coil and core properly while lifting from horizontal to vertical. With the safety latch, you cannot knock a coil off the hook.
  • Add the optional 110VAC hoist and manual trolley to make easy work of lifting coils up to 300 pounds. Move them easily in and out of the rack onto your machine or even from a horizontal pallet to the rack.

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