Coated Glass Edge Deletion

How can you cut in half the time low-e glass spends on your cutting tables? Or, if you’re manually edge deleting, get consistent high quality with less labor?

Move edge deletion to before the washer. In one step, you greatly increase capacity at the main bottleneck in most IG fabrication operations, cutting.

And no additional labor is needed—you’re already moving cut lites to the washer.

Place the small-footprint IAS Edge Deletion system in front of a horizontal washer to gain these advantages:

  • Remove edge deletion from your cutting lines, potentially doubling cutting capacity without new cutting equipment.
  • No additional labor. You can automatically edge delete with the same employee already feeding the washer as fast as he can feed it.
  • Much smaller footprint than an additional cutting line.
  • Accurate and consistent edge deletion.

Edge Deletion Capacity Per Lite

  • Lites up to 48 x 48 inches: approximately 10 seconds.
  • Lites up to 48 x 96 inches: approximately 15 seconds.
  • Clear lites: equal to the above (controlled by operative).

How it works:

With the IAS Edge Deletion system, you load coated lites to the right. They pass under a deletion bridge with automation glass-size sensing, turn left and pass under the second deletion bridge and then into the right-hand side of the washer. Clear lites are loaded to the left on a caster ball table and pushed onto the driven rolls of the left-hand side of the washer.

See how it works below. Hover over the image to stop the panel from advancing.