ThermalCHECK, the most accurate and efficient gas verification system for insulating glass is now even more accurate, smaller and costs thousands less than the previous version.

Newly updated ThermalCHECK enables you to immediately and precisely verify, in line on the production floor, the gas content of your insulating glass.

It thoroughly mixes the gas in a unit, then measures the actual amount and percentage of argon or krypton. ThermalCHECK then returns 100 percent of the gas to the unit.

Straightforward operation, accuracy you can trust

Insert the test wand. Then check the screen to see if the unit passed or failed.

The result? You know immediately if each tested unit meets your specification and Energy Star requirements.

And it is accurate. ThermalCHECK’s technology has been tested to detect a gas to 0.5%.

How does it work? Rather than attempt to measure measure the color of a spark or amount of oxygen and then interpolating the gas content, ThermalCHECK measures the actual gas in the unit.

You and your customers will know precisely how much argon or krypton is in their insulating glass. And you don’t have to wait to discover an entire shift was filled improperly. With ThermalCHECK, you detect production issues immediately.

Ease of use

ThermalCHECK is easy to calibrate and use. The operator connects the testing nozzle and follows the onscreen instructions.

The touchscreen displays the argon or krypton percentage, which is also printed on a label. Units that contain less than the proper amount of gas trigger the display of a large red X on the screen.

ThermalCHECK sales sheet
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ThermalCHECK features

  • Accurately tests gas content inside IG units
  • Operator selectable for testing argon or krypton
  • Easily calibrates with a computer schedule that displays on-screen alerts
  • On screen alerts for out of spec units
  • Prints a quality control label to apply to units that are tested

Technical information

  • Computer controlled testing with touchscreen control
  • Ethernet wired port for remote trouble-shooting and maintenance
  • System requires gas sample bottles for calibration
  • Uses standard 120 VAC

ThermalCHECK includes

  • ThermalCHECK tabletop unit with operator touchscreen
  • Gas wand and hose
  • Label printer and roll of blank labels