Reduce Labor and Improve Yields with AutoRack1™ Automated Racking for Insulating Glass

AutoRack1 System Features:

  • Racks and unracks units without an operator
  • Systems for vertical and horizontal lines
  • Speeds up to six units per minute
  • Reduces scratches and glass damage
  • Improves safety by eliminating handling
  • Racks glass off most IG and tempering lines
  • Handles oversized units
  • Works with Intercept, Super Spacer, Duralite and other spacer systems

Reallocate Labor, Improve Safety and Eliminate Unit Loading Damage:

  • Feed empty racks into the accumulator
  • AutoRack1 automatically advances and indexes carts into loading position
  • Units are inserted and indexed
  • Full carts are advanced without delay

Horizontal AutoRack1

Determine your racking labor and reject savings with our automated racking calculator.

Racking Savings Payback Calculator

Reallocate labor, improve safety and eliminate unit loading damage