FastGas fills standard IG units with argon in 10 seconds

FastGas is an argon-only filling system that can fill standard IG units as fast as 10 seconds. Available in one and two station versions, FastGas uses patent-pending Twin Turbo technology to precisely, rapidly and reliably fill insulating glass made with any spacer system.

The two-station version is the first system that enables one machine and operator to keep pace with Intercept production lines. The fill is done on the top edge to enable 100 percent argon retention.

One operator

Pair FastGas with our ThermalCHECK gas filling quality control unit, and you can fill and verify the gas content of your IG at the speed of production with one operator.

FastGas delivers a highly automated process to gas filling that will improve your efficiency and quality. Its Twin Turbo technology fills IG made with any spacer system precisely, rapidly and reliably while maintaining unit integrity. Actual fill rates depend on unit configuration and fill hole size.

FastGas features:

  • Fast argon filling
  • Available with one or two filling stations
  • Fills from the top providing 100 percent argon retention
  • Optional ThermalCHECK gas verification systems
  • Automatic calibration

For more information on FastGas and ThermalCHECK, contact Ryan McHugh.