Tempered glass fragmentation analysis

TemperCHECK is a portable, reliable and easy to use automated glass fragmentation analyzer that reduces testing time and improves accuracy so you can improve quality.

Following industry specifications or parameters set by the operator for a customer, TemperCHECK identifies the ten largest fragments and calculates their combined weight. It displays results in real time and works with all glass types, including opaque glass.

For each test, TemperCHECK does multiple scans. It stores the scanned images and results and enables you to search for specific results for individual tests and perform customized reporting and statistical analysis.

TemperCHECK was developed by DeltaMax Automazione of Italy, which has 25 years of experience in industrial automation, vision and glass quality systems. TemperCHECK is sold in North America by OptiGas/Integrated Automation Systems.

TemperCHECK Features

  • Portable and compact
  • User friendly interface
  • Works with all glass types including non-transparent
  • frogscreenshot2webReal time results display
  • Customizable inspection parameters
  • Detects fragment number and size
  • Analyzes fragment size distribution
  • Identifies the ten largest fragments and calculates their combined weight
  • Compares results with industry specifications, including those for North America, and customer-specific rules
  • Stores results and provides the capability to search stored images and results and perform customizable reports and statistical analysis

TemperCHECK Benefits

  • Automates fragmentation analysis
  • Reduces testing time
  • Reliable
  • Enables you to respond to issues and improve quality by analyzing stored results for patterns
  • Enables you to create customized reports