Reliable, affordable argon concentration testing that requires no yearly factory calibration and works with virtually no wear!



The GAS TESTER is our lowest-price entry-level model for monitoring gas concentration. It uses HELANTEC’s proven analysis technology of gas type measurement based on thermal conductivity. Yearly factory calibration is not necessary! HELANTEC analyzers work with virtually no wear.
The GAS TESTER is suitable for quality control of IG units with argon as the filling gas. The analyser can be equipped for the measurement of krypton as an option.

Gas Tester Features

  • Reliable concentration measurements for argon
  • Compact and handy design
  • Easy operability
  • Suitable for multi-coated IG units, triple-glazed units and all spacer materials
  • Easy calibration and plausibility check
  • Non-destructive measurement methods
  • Long service life usually more than 10 years!)
  • Only a small quantity of gas is required

Gas Tester Specifications

  • Measures argon concentration inside insulating glass
  • Measuring method thermal conductivity
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Measuring range 0–100% gas concentration
  • Display of measured value 0–100% gas concentration
  • Accuracy better than 1.0% abs.
  • Semi-automatic 1 point calibration
  • User calibration frequency recommended daily
  • Calibration duration less than 1 minute
  • End point references with 100% filling gas
  • Simple check of plausibility of measured values according ISO 9000 ff
  • Alphanumerical LCD display
  • Sampling via needle and built-in pump, non-destructive
  • Power supply 2 batteries type AA
  • Dimension 6.7 x 3 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight approximately 1.1 pounds