OptiClose passes ASTM Dual Pane Glass Performance tests! Get the details and view the report

OptiClose is a new breakthrough argon filling system for Intercept lines that delivers higher quality at a lower labor cost. With OptiClose (patent pending), you get:

  • Automatable gas filling for Intercept
  • A faster and more complete fill
  • A better metal to metal seal that reduces gas loss
  • More room for sealant behind the closure

The OptiClose system is:

  • A fill hole 350 percent larger than the 4mm hole you’re using now in the same spacer width!
  • A punch kit engineered and built by GED.
  • A nozzle designed to take advantage of the engineered opening.
  • A custom designed closing system that is quicker and tighter.
  • An automatable process.


Get back the capacity Argon filling takes

An automated line is only as fast as the biggest bottleneck. We all know that as argon filling has become more common, it has decreased total IG capacities.

Why is Argon filling the bottle neck?

  1. The largest hole for filling is only 4mm. Plain physics dictate that it is impossible to evacuate the air and replace it with argon through such a small opening in the time required.
  2. In addition to speed, automation is impractical with such a small target, especially if the holes are even slightly misaligned.

Until now

Up until now, the only way to have a totally automated line including argon filling was to go vertical. The tradeoff was to decrease the number of operators at the expense of reducing output by more than half.

Until OptiClose. With OptiClose, you can automate gas filling of Intercept units from the oven to the rack. For details on how to achieve this in your facility, please contact Ryan McHugh.

The OptiClose sequence

The images above show the OptiClose system sequence when done manually (the hole is punched automatically with a punch kit available from GED).

  1. Fill the unit with argon with an OptiClose nozzle
  2. Place the OptiClose insert
  3. Swage in place
  4. Cover with sealant

With automation, this can all be done without touching the IG unit.

For an OptiClose sample and more information

For detailed information on OptiClose and to get sample strip and inserts, please contact Ryan McHugh.