Image 10We set out to build a simple, reliable, fast, flexible and maintenance-friendly glass loading system that uses a minimum amount of floor space. The result? The Automatic Free Fall Glass Loader from Integrated Automation Systems.

Smart and fast

The Automatic Free Fall Glass Loader can be loaded from either side. It knows exactly where the glass is, picks it up quickly and pulls it directly to the tipping point without wasted time or motion. It releases without delay because it already knows the tipping point.

Load up to 16 types of glass

The system is stackable and both units can pick glass at the same time. With two tables, you can handle up to 16 types in the same operation, all within the fraction of the footprint of competing systems.

The Automatic Free Fall Glass Loader is available configured for 72- by 84-inch or 96- by 130-inch glass. A multi station turntable is an option.

Automatic Free Fall Glass Loader features

  • Automatically loads glass from both sides.
  • The system knows the location and the tipping point of every lite, no matter how far into the pack you are.
  • Squares and delivers glass to the cutting system.
  • Image 05Integrates with most cutting systems, allowing your cutting software to control the type of glass needed next.
  • User can set counter to drop any number of sheets.
  • Simple and easy-to-maintain design of picker devices, squaring and transport systems.
  • Easily expandable design allows stacking of tables with plug and play ease or easy integration of multiple rack loading system by IAS.

Free Fall Loader specifications


  • Automatic squaring
  • Automatic transfer to cutter
  • Communication with all cutter brands/optimizers
  • 2 table sizes:
    • Up to 72” x 96” glass
    • Up to 108” x 144” glass

Picker devices

  • Two (one per side) with full system.
  • Pickers also sold separately and can be implemented on your existing system or added to your manual operation.
  • “Intelligent picker” design and controls mean picker always knows its current position and the location of the glass and tipping point. This creates faster pick times and reduces breakage, double drops and maintenance.

Power Requirements

  • Full System (table and pickers): 480VAC @ 20amps
  • Independent Pickers: 110VAC @ 15amps
  • Turntable: 480VAC @ 20amps
  • Shuttle System: 480VAC @ 20amps

Automatic Free Fall Glass Loader PDF