Fast gas filling with optional record keeping



The RAPIDE L500 and L900 are efficient and fast machines for filling insulating glass units. Built with modern and top-rated technology, the RAPIDE L500 and L900 make it easy to fulfill requirements for quality assurance and documentation. With their advanced interfaces and connection possibilities, the units are also prepared for a variety of future requirements.

The RAPIDE L500 and L900 give you great performance and excellent value. They have been developed for universal application, not just routine application but also tasks such as samples, unusual shapes and dimensions and triple glazing units.

Both offer a variety of optional functions, enabling you to document the complete production process consistently and react immediately to any deviations in quality. This ensures a high standard for your products.

With its filling times, the two filling machines are mainly used online, in the production line before sealing. However, it can be operated off-line, outside of the production line, before or after the sealing process.

The L900 offers the same feature set as the L500 with faster filling times, particularly for larger units and higher gas volumes. See the volume difference chart at the bottom of the page. 

Fast filling technology



The RAPIDE L500 and L900 use fast-filling technology, which means filling amount and suction volume are ssynchronized The reading of the internal pressure of the insulating glass unit regulates this process.

The increasing of pressure is lower when synchronization is more successful, resulting in less mixing and turbulence. This leads to reliable filling with lower gas loss and shorter filling times.

HELANTEC allows a pressure build-up of maximum 3 mbar inside the insulating glass unit. This special technique is based on many years of experience. Users especially appreciate the high controlling precision for large IG units.

Filling and monitoring

A gas analyzer, especially developed for this purpose by HELANTEC, monitors the filling process online. The gas analyzer is suitable for all gas types and gas mixtures used within the insulating glass industry.

The gas concentration is measured online during the filling process. The filling process is automatically stopped when the pre-set gas concentration is reached.

The L500 is available with one or two filling lines.

The HELANTEC RAPIDE L500 and L900 provide:

  • Reliable gas filling and consistent high quality
  • Fast filling and short manufacturing cycles
  • Low gas loss
  • Robust and tough design and technology
  • Various filling and suction probes available according to your requirements
  • Adjustable machine parameters enable individual solutions for a wide range of requirements
  • Various options available for quality assurance, such as documentation, visualization, diagnosis, service via modem or Ethernet
  • Bar code capability enables product identification

RAPIDE L500 and L900 Specifications

  • For gas filling in the production process for any gas types and gas mixtures
  • Fast filling technology
  • Synchronization of filling speed and suction capacity by measuring internal pressure of the insulation glass unit
  • Filling-lines: 1 or 2
  • Capacity: Up to 550 or 1,100 units per shift, higher for the L900
  • Technology microprocessor controlled
  • Modular construction
  • Filling speed synchronized from 10-50 liters/minute argon per filling line
  • Pressure control inside IG unit is online, within milliseconds
  • Gas injection pressure inside IG unit < 5 mbar
  • Display of pressure inside IG unit is online with LEDs for each filling line
  • Concentration measurement is online with special integrated analyzer at each filling line
  • Concentration display is online with LEDs
  • Stop of filling process is automatically as soon as the adjusted gas concentration is reached (factory made and adjustable between 70% and 100% – typical 90%)
  • Calibration of the analyzer is semi-automatic with calibration mode (needs 10 seconds only)
  • Accuracy of analyzer is better than 2% abs.
  • 1 particle filter at each filling line, installed outside and easily interchangeable
  • Gas input pressure: 5 bar (adjustable on request)
  • Gas input pressure control is optical and acoustic (if bottle pressure < 1 bar)
  • Power supply 230V /50Hz
  • Dimension: 19.3 x 17.7 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight: approximately 96 or 143 pounds

Special accessories are available for special applications

Optional Communication module

The Communication Module 5 can be integrated into the HELANTEC gas filling machine model type RAPIDE L500 and L900. This module enables you to follow and document the complete production process automatically and consistently, allowing you to determine the correct causes of issues and react immediately in case of any quality deviations.

Volume by Unit