Automated Racking Labor and Money Savings Calculator

See how you can save labor and reduce material damage with fully automated AutoRack1™ and semi-automated RackAssist


The calculator is one page with 11 numbers to enter. Understanding the following terms will help you complete it quickly.

Rack Turns Per Day

Rack turns are how often on average you fill and empty racks per day (regardless of the number of shifts). If you fill racks and glaze the same day, that’s one turn. If you fill racks one day and glaze the next, that is .5 turns a day.

Reject Rate Using Automated Racking

How much you can reduce chips and scratches with automated racking depends mostly on how glass gets damaged in your plant. A conservative estimate for damage reduction is 30 to 50 percent.

Labor Savings

For fully automated racking with AutoRack1, no racking and unracking labor is needed. With semi-automated RackAssist, one person is required at racking and unracking.

Want Support?

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