OptiFill Robotic Gas Filling for Insulating Glass

For the first time ever, it is now possible to automatically gas fill, close and patch insulating glass units made with Intercept spacers and Super Spacer using OptiFill Robotic Gas Filling (RGF) from Integrated Automation Systems.

The two outstanding benefits of the system:

  1. You can completely automate the IG gas filling process, including unracking, filling, plugging, patching and re-racking.
  2. You can do so in phases and implement first the two most efficient and relatively low-cost steps, OptiClose and FastGas.
OptiFill RGF:
  • Works with Intercept® and Super Spacer®.
  • Unracks, punches, fills, plugs, patches and re-racks.
  • Includes the patented OptiClose system, which gives you faster filling, a tighter metal to metal seal and more room for sealant. 
  • Uses the FastGas argon filling system, which fills and verifies IG as fast as 10 seconds.

The result? You can move up to five people from gas filling to other areas. And your seal failures will go down by as much as or more than 80 percent.

OptiFIll Robotic Gas Filling components

A complete OptiFill continuous integrated automatic gas filling system includes:

  • The FastGas argon filling system. FastGas can fill Intercept units in as little as 10 seconds
  • The IAS robotic unit for filling, plugging and patching
  • Un-racking and re-racking systems

Customized: Ask how it can work for you

In addition to allowing for phased implementation, all OptiFIll Robotic Gas Filling systems are customized for your operation. Ask for no-cost or obligation review to determine your plant’s needs and the payback time. Contact Ryan McHugh today.