Balance for Install Pressure During Production with HELANTEC ISO Altimeter Professional

Altimeter Professional
If the installed site for your windows and doors is more than 1,200 feet higher or lower than your IG production location, you risk a visible bow or bulge or even breakage. Your Energy Star rating can also suffer. Using a breathing tube means you cannot offer the benefits of argon or krypton.

Pressure balancing at production: no onsite adjustment needed

The HELANTEC ISO Altimeter Professional solves these issues accurately and quickly at installation without any further adjustment required. German engineered and proven in years of use, the Elevation Adjustor balances IG for final elevation using any mix of air, argon or krypton gas.

OptiGas/Integrated Automation System is the exclusive representative for the HELANTEC Altimeter Professional in North America. We consider it another game-changing gas filling and testing system from OptiGas.

The HELANTEC ISO Altimeter Professional works for double and triple glazed IG including asymmetrics and special and large shapes made with all standard flat glass. It adjusts at time of production for local conditions at the fabrication facility to accurately balance for average year-round conditions at installation site.

See the step-by-step process here.

The sealing valve is key

Altimeter ProfessionalPressure compensation reduces breakage, improves customer satisfaction and extends the insulating life of an IG unit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe key to the HELANTEC ISO Altimeter Professional’s performance? The proprietary sealing valve, leak-free and compatible with all IG fabrication materials, including Intercept. It ensures pressure balance remains intact and your designed perform is achieved. And it eliminates the need to train and have on the installation site anyone to close holes or any pressure balancing work. Just install it like any other window or door.

Note that 1,200 feet of altitude change for pressure balancing insulating glass is a guideline. Performance also depends on the construction of the unit.

The HELANTEC ISO Altimeter Professional is a complete and second-generation system that interfaces with your production system. No additional computer is required.

Features include:

  • Highly accurate with minimum production times
  • Balances to the average conditions at the installation location
  • Intuitive touch screen with clear user interface
  • Documents data for each pressure treated unit
  • Connects to your production database and system
  • Barcode reading of production units

Fully Automate Pressure Compensation

Your pressure compensation workflow can be fully automated. Ask us how it can be configured for your needs and combined with automated unit loading and unloading.